About Us

Healthy-Finds is all about extending a helping hand to
innovative health and wellness brands that
we’ve decided are too good not to share.

We connect innovative natural brands directly with consumers. We get their products into the hands of consumers who want to try them,
and create long lasting connections moving forward.

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Our Vision

In a perfect world, shoppers would be surrounded by healthy, smart product choices everywhere they go, at affordable prices. Unfortunately, this very seldom the case, and often people who want to make positive changes to their lifestyle simply don’t have access to the information and the products they need.

Healthy-Finds provides a gateway between healthy brands and the consumers they are trying to reach. We achieve this by enticing the consumers to raise their hand to ask for more information and by getting the product into the hands of consumers who eagerly want to try it.

We want to foster a trustworthy platform where our members can learn and grow together, creating a community of health-conscious explorers. Our members deserve to know what is in their food, beauty products and supplements, whether it is Kosher, Vegan, Non-GMO or Fair -Trade, and we will tell them the truth, upfront. After all, wellness should be fun and easy!

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is a pure and simple one: we connect healthy brands with health-conscious consumers.

We’re constantly hunting and gathering for our Healthy-Finds family, seeking out the most forward-thinking, most ethical and most health-focused brands. We find them at Health and Wellness Expos across the USA, we find them on buzzing social media platforms and we make sure that we only partner up with the best of the best, every time.

Our Product Giveaway campaigns are a really fun way to discover new and exciting products on the market while giving people to opportunity try them for free. Along with receiving a free product, everyone who registers receives $10 Gift Code that they can use on tons of healthy products available on the Healthy-Finds website.

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Our Background

For over 12 years, we have been running health and wellness programs to help people transition from an unhealthy lifestyle to forming good habits and taking care of their bodies and minds. When we first started, there was far less of a focus on living healthily in the general community, but thankfully, this perspective has shifted in recent years.

Even though consumers know a lot more about health and wellness than they did in the early 2000s, they are often misled into buying “healthy” products from huge multi-national companies that advertise more health benefits than they deliver, by far. When these companies create a new product, they generally focus on its marketability and cost, so they prioritize the appearance of healthiness, but at the lowest cost.

Smaller, less widely broadcasted brands are often run by passionate pioneers who put everything they have into creating the greatest product they can. They believe that if they create the healthiest, most desirable product then they will be successful. In other words, if the health pioneer builds it, they will come. Unfortunately, that is not true.

Hundreds and hundreds of innovative companies go out of business every year without ever having their target consumers even try their product. Many of these products are great products, but smaller companies simply can’t compete against the multi-national corporations’ enormous industry monopoly. They don’t have the distribution channels, relationships with retailers or deep enough pockets to support their products and get them noticed.

Healthy-Finds’ mission is to help get those great products into the hands of consumers who would love to try them. We have our wellness team review products to make sure they meet our high standards. We then negotiate with them to offer a special deal for our members to try the product. We also work with our network of health leaders in the social media space to get the word out. We can often get a great new product into the hands of thousands of interested consumers at little to no out of pocket costs to the brand. We believe we can do more to improve the health of our community in this way than by simply continuing to educate consumers on what really is healthy for them.

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Meet The Team

Each member of the Healthy-Finds team brings something special to the table,
but we all share a common goal – helping create a healthier environment for our
members, brands, and influencers to flourish and grow.

Peter Meyer
Peter Meyer
Founder & CEO
Favorite Healthy Food: Cherries
Would Rather Skip: Pickles

For as long as the commercial internet has been around, CEO and co-founder of Healthy-Finds, Peter Meyer, has worked in the online marketing industry. He began his career on the web before Google, Yahoo and Facebook even existed! After several decades of experience in the field, Peter has poured his wealth of knowledge into Healthy-Finds with the vision of helping brands build and sustain one-to-one customer brand relationships in a digitized world. Peter’s passion for the potential of infomediaries in the online marketplace has seen him and Co-Founder Scott Black generate over $100 million through their company, BCM Direct. Peter also has 4 wonderful children who keep him (almost!) as busy as his unwavering work ethic and commitment to innovation.

Scott Black
Scott Black
Favorite Healthy Food: Avocados
Would Rather Skip: Squash

After gaining invaluable experience working for drcoob.com and thereafter starting his own marketing agency, Healthy-Finds co-founder Scott Black happened to reply to a marketing email he received from now colleague Peter Meyer. This sparked the beginning of a lifelong business relationship, and friendship. Today, Scott and Peter have put their heads together and joined forces, co-founding BCM Direct as well as our very own Healthy-Finds. Scott's role in our team is paramount to our success, acting as Healthy-Finds' Sales Executive and being a vital part of the leadership team. Scott's is the voice you will hear when you need your brand to be seen.

Janine Trench
Janine Trench
Queen Bee Customer Support & Fulfilment
Favorite Healthy Food: Anything green!
Would Rather Skip: Water chestnuts and tofu.

The Healthy-Finds "Queen Bee", Janine Trench, is passionate about helping others by serving alongside peers and colleagues and being supportive of their endeavors. She began her career in 2006 and was soon after prestigiously dubbed the Queen Bee of customer support and fulfillment – you don't get that title from your bosses if you aren't good at what you do! She has over 20 years of combined experience ranging from the restaurant business to furniture industries! It was in these positions that she realized how much she enjoys people.

Janine wholeheartedly believes that the Healthy-Finds leadership team is perfectly positioned to find consumers good, healthy products while championing brands to their full potential, exposing the gold in this industry. She values training, encouraging, investing time, knowledge and wisdom into the employees she directs in order for them to one-day ‘graduate' our program and advance their opportunities in the workforce. She looks at Healthy-Finds as an opportunity to succeed and champion not only the brands that we promote but our employees too, so that they too will see their own worth. She is dedicated to giving them the tools they need to succeed.

Valentina Nikolic
Valentina Nikolic
VP of Business Development
Favorite Healthy Food: Tomatoes
Would Rather Skip: String beans

At Healthy-Finds, Valentina is in charge of project organization. She is your go-to team member to match your brand with a perfect promotion and is always ensuring all promotions run smoothly! Prior to joining our team, she worked as a Business Consultant and Project Manager in various companies, and she dedicates her off-time to promoting and spreading the word about green-energy and the benefits an ecological perspective can have on achieving a thriving, sustainable planet.

Ivana Grgic
Ivana Grgic
Account Manager
Favorite Healthy Food: String Beans
Would Rather Skip: Couscous

Ivana has worked with Healthy-Finds for the past two years and is in charge of client relationships and sales management. She is passionate about people and strives to be helpful wherever and whenever she can. Before joining the Healthy-Finds Team, Ivana worked in a number of different companies with the title of Sales Manager and today, makes use of the valuable experience she's gotten in the industry to help provide guidance and improve efficiency across the board.

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