If you’re going to call your product The Best Bar Ever, you need to have something special to back up that claim. Luckily, these protein bars really do deliver:

  • The Best Ingredients - they’re gluten-free, packed with 15g+ of protein along with a balanced ratio of quality fats and carbs.
  • The Best Taste - soft and moist with a delicious flavor and no aftertaste
  • The Best Freshness- there’s no preservatives in The Best Bar Ever, they’re made from scratch and are kept in refrigerators rather than on shelves.

We believe that The Best Bar Ever really is a cut above the rest because of these three factors. After all, how many other protein bars out there are fresh enough to need to be kept refrigerated?

Just a taste of most of the rest of the competition tells you how fresh they really are, so how good can they really be for you?

The Best Bar Ever’s lack of artificial flavors, sweeteners or added preservatives set it apart from many of the so-called health bars that are basically candy bars. And its chef-inspired flavors make it taste even better than most actual candy bars, keeping you coming back for more!

Watch this video to find out more about why you need these bars:

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Here’s some VERY satisfied customers:

“The Best Bar Ever tastes superior to any protein bar I’ve put into my mouth. Ever! There is no weird artificial after-taste, at least to my taste buds. The three boxes I’ve gone through have all tasted fresh and wonderful” John Koenig

“I really enjoy them and would buy them by the box. Probably the best clean food bar that I have tried” Tina Schmidt

“As soon as I unwrapped this bar, I could smell all the awesomeness! I really noticed the honey and cranberry scents. The texture was soft and chewy which I love! It actually kind of reminded me of fruit cake… a high quality, delicious fruit cake! It was sweet, fruity, nutty, and very hearty. Big pieces of nuts and fruit gave it a great texture”Kim Hoeltje

The Best Bar Ever’s Creators Say: “If you currently eat protein or snack bars, be prepared to change the way you think about them forever”

What we love about the people behind The Best Bar Ever is their desire to take a stale product in a stale market and freshen it up - literally. Not only is The Best Bar Ever only made with stuff that’s good for you, it also tastes better.

It’s real food for real people who want to see real benefits. Does that sound like you?

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