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Healthy-Finds is geared towards helping up-and-coming health, wellness and lifestyle influencers to get a leg-up in the industry while introducing your followers to exciting and holistic natural foods, beauty products and more.

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working with healthy brands and innovative products in the wellness community.

How do I get involved?

We team up with ambitious influencers such as yourself, and introduce them to a fabulous product that we specially select to fit your specific lifestyle, online brand and aesthetic, and ship the product completely free to your address for you to try out! Thereafter, we collaborate with you to create a Product Giveaway campaign for your followers to join, bringing attention and engagement to your page, while giving followers a great opportunity to join us in the pursuit of products they can trust and enjoy.

We are avid supporters of all-natural, ethical, sustainable and health-conscious brands that keep up with emerging trend in the health and wellness market. Our team is committed to this special selection process so you can be confident that you are not only adding value to your blog/page engagement in an honest way but also to the community that follows you.

Benefits of Joining the
Healthy-Finds Mission:

We help you generate an influx of engagement to your page and/or blog in a way that actually gives back to your followers – they’ll thank you, we promise!

We introduce you and your audience to natural, healthy and delicious products, for free.

We give you the opportunity to get other influencers involved with us, adding networking value to your online presence with our influencer referral program.

We create a lasting relationship with you, welcoming you into the Health-Finds family with open arms for future campaigns.

Get Involved!

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